Pre-Deployment Training

PRE-DEPLOYMENT TRAINING – Firearms Training Solutions designs and executes challenging, ultra-realistic combat training for Military units, combining role players, realistic battlefield stressors, pyrotechnics, combat trauma (moulage), threat weapons, indigenous cultural training, scenario-driven intelligence support, and tactical Subject Matter Experts. (more…)

Tactical Training Course

The Tactical Training Course (TTC) can be customized to incorporate drills specific to the customers wants and needs. Contact us to discuss training options. (more…)

Get your Florida Concealed Carry Permit

The Basic Pistol Course (BPC) is a full 1 Day course which consist of  approximately 3 hours of classroom and 4 hours of range time. Upon completion each student will receive a  completion certificate to send to the state of Florida along with your concealed weapons application packet. (more…)



Thanks JB, Shane and I had a great time and learned a lot. Anyone looking for a good firearms/personal survivability course should really check this out! Trust me, you will have a blast (pun intended)!!!

Mike Hill

JB- Thank you so much for a very informative and fun day…I now feel more confident in my knowledge and skills after taking your course…I definitely would recommend Firearms Training Solutions to anyone, whatever their skill level, and know that they will walk away from your course impressed by the valuable information contained but also by your level of instruction on the range. Thanks again! Allison

Allison Wyand

Thanks for a great session today! We learned a lot and had fun too!

April Armstrong Dennis
JB’s class and training techniques helped me make quick work of this obstacle this weekend. 3 separate different distance targets from a prone position after running with a 255lb yoke for 50 meters..3 shoots each target with a 3 burpee penalty for any shots outside the torso.. No Burpee’s for this guy! Thanks JB.

Mike Cheatham
When you haven’t tested your skills in a while…you’ll loose that edge. The good folks at FTS (Firearms Training Solutions) will get you back on track. Highly skilled and well trained staff. I would recommend their course of instruction to new and also to seasoned firearm enthusiasts!

Robert Vaughn

Highly recommended for new or experienced shooters! Learned so much and lots of time on the range! Extremely organized, professionally run and damn good time! Thanks JB, Jeremy, PJ and Tori for the excellent instruction!

Donna Manning

Awesome training and attention to detail. JB teaches you real world scenarios that will help your readiness to react when decisions are paramount. Absolutely worth the money & time to get instruction by a professional. Couldn’t recommend it more to anyone of any firearm level. New or experienced…he’ll show you techniques you can’t get anywhere else in Brevard.

Steve Schiffman


Drawing your Pistol from a Concealed Holster

THE FIVE-COUNT SEQUENCE Historically, the draw stroke has been taught on a five-count sequence, and the concealed draw is really no different.  The variable that a concealment garment adds is […]

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Improper Exhibition of a Firearm in Florida

IMPROPER EXHIBITION OF A FIREARM IN FLORIDA DEFINITION, PENALTIES, AND DEFENSES In Florida, Improper Exhibition of a Firearm or Weapon is the exhibiting of a weapon, such as a gun […]

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